Beginner’s Common Questions About Contact Lenses

Are you considering making the switch from eyeglasses to call lenses, but still have concerns on your mind? We’ve answered a few of the most common concerns listed below.

1. I cannot wear contact lenses.

Yes, you can! Thanks to advances in contact lens technology in the last few years, almost everybody can use contacts. For example, there are now bifocal contact lenses for individuals with presbyopia, and toric soft lenses that remedy astigmatism. You might be a better candidate for contact lens wear than you believe!

2. A contact lens will get lost behind my eye.

Nope! A thin membrane called the conjunctiva covers the white of your eye and links to the inside of your eyelids, making it difficult for a contact lens to obtain lost behind your eye.

3. Contact lenses are uneasy.

Not true. After a quick adjustment period, the majority of people do not even observe they’re wearing contact lenses. For those who do experience contact lens pain, numerous solutions are readily available once the cause is identified.

4. Contact lenses can get completely stuck to my eye.

While it’s true that a soft contact lens can stay with the surface of your eye if it dries out, remoistening the lens by applying sterilized saline or a multipurpose contact lens solution will get it moving again.

Beginner's Common Questions About Contact Lenses

5. Contact lenses are too much problem to take care of.

Wrong! One-bottle contact lens care systems make cleaning and decontaminating your lenses simple. Or you can opt to eliminate contact lens care entirely by using daily disposables or 30-day prolonged wear contact lenses.

6. Using contact lenses causes eye issues.

It’s true that contact lens wear can increase your risk of specific eye problems. But if you follow your optometrist’s guidelines regarding how to care for your lenses, for how long to wear them and how regularly you must replace them, wearing contact lenses is extremely safe.

7. I’ll never ever be able to get them in my eyes.

Sure you will. It may seem challenging at first, however your eye care professional will make certain you discover how to apply and remove your contacts before you leave their workplace. Many people end up being adept at managing contact lenses much faster than they expect to!

8. Contacts can pop out of my eye.

Years back, old-fashioned difficult contact lenses could often pop out of a user’s eyes during sports or other activities. However today’s contacts — including rigid gas permeable (GP) contacts — fit closer to the eye so it’s extremely unusual for a contact lens to remove from a wearer’s eye all of a sudden.

9. Contact lenses are too costly.

Not true. Contact lenses can in some cases be less expensive than an excellent pair of eyeglasses. Even everyday non reusable contact lenses, when considered a luxury, can cost just about a dollar a day.

10. I’m too old to wear contact lenses.

Who says? With the advent of bifocal contact lenses, and contacts that are specially designed for dry eyes, advancing age is not the barrier to effective contact lens wear it when was. Ask your optometrist if you’re an excellent prospect for contacts — the answer might surprise you.

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  1. Felix Steele

    My contacts come out/fold up/ give me issues on the bike when I am sweating a lot. My eyes are too lubed and one clean of my eyes to get the sweat off and the contact is all set to pop out.
    Swimming is the opposite, since of the chemicals in the pool, my contacts are so adhered to my eyes, there is no way they would come out.
    When my contacts are dry, they aren’t coming out, they are stuck to my eyeball. Like I said, sweat in my eyes is my most significant concern, and I am not going to stop riding so I don’t sweat

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