Best Daily Contact Lenses for Sensitive Eyes

Admit it, the really thought about putting something into your eyes makes some of us uneasy. Even a small speck of dust can cause havoc, and leave you with sore and itchy eyes for hours on end, so it’s just natural that you have to be extremely careful, right? That’s precisely what a lot of contact lens users feel.

No matter what you state about them, get in touch with lenses are, by meaning, foreign items, and there’s an extremely high opportunity that your eyes may not adjust to them. This is why it’s essential to consult your ophthalmologist or optometrist prior to going contact lenses shopping, and also why users with sensitive eyes have to be more mindful.

Best Contact Lenses for Sensitive Eyes

Contact lenses are very fragile, and more so are your eyes. The wrong type of contact lenses, or cleansing solutions might cause undue discomfort and hamper your vision, so it’s always best to take professional suggestions before you pick something up. If your eyes are already prone to dryness, irritation, redness and aching, they’re probably sensitive. In such cases, it ends up being twice as essential to speak with an expert, due to the fact that your choices are much more restricted than what other users would have.

best contact lenses for sensitive eyes
Contact lenses for sensitive eyes

Since sensitive eyes have the tendency to tear up or dry up quickly, depending upon the kind of sensitivity, it’s crucial to comprehend that you might not have the ability to go for extended wear contact lenses, the ones that can be kept on overnight. The basic rule is that the lesser time you have contact lenses on as an individual with sensitive eyes, the better. Now, here’s the top 5 best contact lenses for sensitive eyes!

1. Acuvue Oasys Lenses

Without a doubt, Acuvue Oasys is one of the best contact lenses for users who have dry eyes. Integrating supreme comfort with an easy to clean material and complete UV protection, Oasys ticks all the boxes, no matter what you’re searching for. They’re made from silicone hydrogel and function Hydraclear Plus innovation, that makes it look like you’re not wearing contact lenses at all. Highly suggested from side!

2. Air Optix Aqua Lenses

Air Optix Aqua is another wonderful contact lenses that works well with sensitive eyes. They include something called TriComfort technology, which possesses all the time wearability since of no protein deposits and high moisture retention. It’s made by well-known company Ciba Vision, so you understand that you’ve trusted the right folks for the job.

3. Biofinity Lenses

Biofinity, by CooperVision is a contact lens that assures optimum comfort and minimum irritation. Particularly created for sensitive eyes, these contact lenses are implied to keep wetness and oxygen secured, so that they do not get dry even in extreme conditions. Plus, you can forget about protein deposits also, since they prevent accumulation. We can absolutely attest their convenience also, they’re a worthy addition to the list.

4. Proclear Multifocus Lenses

Another item from CooperVision, Proclear are unique contact lenses that are not just suggested for sensitive eyes, but also can be found in a variant for users with astigmatism. They claim to coat the lenses with phosphorylcholine, a molecule naturally found in our bodies, which attracts water molecules and thus keeps the lenses damp and comfy. For those experiencing dry eyes, Proclear ought to be on the top of the shopping list.

5. Night And Day Lenses

Lastly, we have Night and Day, from Ciba Vision. Like its sibling pointed out above, Night and Day is well known for being extremely comfortable and breathable. You probably will not even discover that you’re wearing them for extended amount of times. Possessing the highest oxygen transmission amongst soft contact lenses, they’re fantastic for long term use, as well as travel. Something’s for sure, Ciba Vision sure understands how to stay ahead in the game!

So those were our picks for the very best contact lenses for sensitive eyes. As we pointed out in the past, if you have sensitive eyes, you need to take extra good care of them and make certain you’re picking up the right items, unless you wish to go through your days with irritable eyes. Your eye doctor or eye doctor will definitely understand what will and will not work, so do not forget to keep them in the loop!

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