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Over-the-counter Eye Drops for Flash Burn

Flash burn in boy's eye

A flash burn is a painful inflammation of the cornea, which is the clear tissue that covers the front of the eye. A flash burn happens when you are exposed to bright ultraviolet (UV) light. It can be brought on by all kinds of UV light; however welding torches are the most common source. That’s […]

Updated: October 8, 2018 — 11:13 am

Dexamethasone Eye Drops for Inflammation

Dexamethasone drops

Dexamethasone Drops is utilized to deal with particular eye conditions due to inflammation or injury. Dexamethasone works by relieving symptoms such as swelling, soreness, and itching. It comes from a class of drugs referred to as corticosteroids.

Updated: October 6, 2018 — 6:44 am

Zylet Eye Drops

Zylet Eye Drops

This medication is used to treat conditions including swelling (inflammation) of the eyes and to treat or prevent bacterial eye infections. This product consists of tobramycin, an antibiotic that works by stopping the development of bacteria. It likewise consists of loteprednol, an anti-inflammatory corticosteroid that works by decreasing swelling, soreness, and itching.

Updated: December 12, 2017 — 7:03 am

Zovirax Cream for Eyes

Zovirax cream

Zovirax eye ointment includes the active component aciclovir, which is an antiviral medicine. Aciclovir is used to treat infections with the herpes simplex virus.

Updated: November 30, 2017 — 7:49 am

Castor Oil for Eyes

castor oil uses for eyes

Castor oil is a vegetable oil that is gotten in its purest form from the castor bean seed. It is unappetizing, odourless, and colorless. The hull of the seed is gotten rid of by castor bean farmers prior to it is pressed to extract the oil.

Updated: November 29, 2017 — 4:13 am

Benadryl and Glaucoma

benadryl and glaucoma

Various drugs have the prospective to elevate eye pressure and increase the risk of developing glaucoma. This post explores the classes of medications that may impact the open-angle and angle-closure types of glaucoma.

Updated: November 25, 2017 — 4:07 pm

Eye Drops for Photophobia

Eye Drops for Photophobia

The condition of photophobia or light sensitivity, is one in which you are unable to endure light at levels that many people would find appropriate. The outcome is that any basic light, from headlights, to street lamps, sunlight, fluorescent lights, and fires, might cause you pain and discomfort. Symptoms are experienced at various levels. Some […]

Updated: November 21, 2017 — 12:25 pm

Eye Drops for Allergies

Best Eye Drops for Allergy

If you are one of the approximated 50 million Americans who suffer from allergic reactions, your eyes may be troubled too. They may be red, itchy, and watery and your eyes and eyelid may even be inflamed.

Updated: November 1, 2017 — 9:53 am

Vitamins for Dry Eyes

vitamins for dry eye

Dry eye syndrome is a typical condition that occurs when the eyes do not make sufficient tears, or if the tears disappear too quickly. There are numerous treatments for dry eyes. Can vitamins help prevent or treat dry eyes? We discover.

Updated: October 21, 2017 — 2:47 pm

Best Eye Drops for Contacts

Best Eye Drops for Contacts

While contact lenses are developed to enhance your vision, they can likewise cause problems with your eyes. Dry eyes and irritation are common concerns that take place in contact lens wearers. Lubing drops can in some cases assist with the dryness and irritation felt by contact lens wearers. With dozens of lubricating drops to pick […]

Updated: October 17, 2017 — 8:00 pm
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