Can You Get LASIK Twice

Can you get LASIK twice on the same eye? Many people considering the procedure ask this question. Usually, LASIK eye surgery is thought about to be an irreversible way to reshape your cornea and therefore remedy your vision. That’s relatively incredible, provided the procedure takes roughly 30 minutes total.

Can You Have Laser Eye Surgery Twice?

The brief answer is yes; in most cases, you can have laser eye surgery two times. That’s supplying you have a safe quantity of eye tissue following surgery. But the bright side is you most likely won’t require to, thanks to the high success rates of the treatment.

For most people, the result of laser eye surgery is permanent. Around 95% of patients report being very happy with the results, and experience significantly enhanced eyesight for several years after surgery.

For the remaining 5% of people, nevertheless, the vision correction may come short of the preferred outcome, and these patients in some cases look for laser eye surgery more than once. Such laser eye surgery enhancements or touch-ups are typically free for the first year after treatment.

Luckily, so long as the corneal tissue (on the front of your eye) is thick enough and your eyes are healthy, you can get repeat laser eye treatment, and an eye surgeon will have the ability to advise for you.

LASIK Eye Surgery Period

LASIK eye surgery was authorized in Canada in the early 1990s and in the United States soon thereafter. Therefore, it has actually been around commercially for roughly 25 years. The impacts of LASIK eye surgery are thought about to be irreversible, and thanks to technology enhancements and increasingly skilled surgeons, the results today are relatively constant.

can you repeat lasik eye surgery

Can You Get LASIK Twice If Necessary?

There is no particular answer to this and it depends on your specific case. If the eye is well healed, there is sufficient tissue left, and there is a considerable advantage in doing more surgery, then a repeat LASIK might be performed. Our experience is in raising flaps for retreatments this several years out there is a higher chance of complications such as epithelial ingrowth and you have to discuss this with your doctor. Often a surface or PRK treatment can be carried out, however this is absolutely off label and not an FDA approved treatment (nor is any repeat laser treatement FDA approved).

Some patients only have very small changes in their vision, and a repeat surgery is not always in their best interest. It depends on you and your doctor to evealuate your case individually and make that decision. But right now getting LASIK surgery twice is not popular solution in most cases.

Vision Correction After LASIK Eye Surgery

There might be some cases in which someone needs an additional eye treatment or need to use corrective lenses after LASIK eye surgery.

LASIK eye surgery generally does not remedy the need for checking out glasses. There is a choice of having monovision, which produces the ability to read close-up and far away. Some people test monovision eye surgery by utilizing monovision contact lenses and discover they don’t like this type of vision correction. For these people, checking out glasses may be required in their later years as eyes alter with age.

Simply as you may have had small changes in your glasses prescription gradually, you might have minor changes in your vision with time after laser eye surgery. Because of these natural changes, an individual might need an enhancement, or a touch-up procedure, after LASIK eye surgery. The need for enhancements is triggered by somebody’s prescription slowly changing after his/her procedure. There are some methods to minimize requirements for improvements, such as by picking an extremely proficient surgeon, the current innovation, and going to a provider who picks prospects thoroughly. Even then, an enhancement may be required.

Another circumstance that might need vision correction involves hormonal modifications. Pregnancy can cause hormonal changes in the eyes, for instance, so a woman planning to have children later on might wish to wait to have LASIK eye surgery in order to guarantee she gets her best possible outcomes.

Eye Health After Lasik Eye Surgery

After LASIK eye surgery, annual eye examinations are necessary. While vision correction, such as glasses and contacts, is a main concern of numerous individuals who check out eye doctors routinely, there are additional treatments and tests your eye doctor goes to make sure overall eye health. But, again, in some cases eye doctor can suggest to repeat LASIK surgery after previous one.

Last updated on August 22nd, 2019

Reyus Mammadli (Eyexan Team Leader) / author of the article
Bachelor in biomedical and electrical apparatus and systems. For more than 20 years he has been studying methods to improve health using affordable and safe methods. Collaborates with eye care charity organization of the CCP. Specialization is a vision correction by laser surgery, including LASIK.
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  1. Ophra

    Hello. I did the surgery again in May 2014. And the first did in 2005. Both surgeries were performed using Lasik. The cost of the surgery was about $ 1,100, I do not remember exactly. Of course it was more painful than the first time, but tolerable. After the first Lasik, my vision became quite good, but deteriorated after 3 years. Since I work as a crane driver decided to try Lasik again. After the second surgery, the vision improved again, although it jumps, but within acceptable limits.

  2. Rashi

    Lasik was first carried out in 1995 in UK and 1996 in India by me and ever since I now understand that in today’s world there are generally three Laser strategies, PRK (stood the test of time because 1980’s), LASIK (presented as an option to treat greater powers, as PRK is not suitable) and now SMILE (kind of advanced Lasik without the Flap). All the three procedures have a similar concept of thinning the main cornea (watch glass like layer in the dark part of the eye). Therefore once LASIK or the other Laser procedures are done it is not a good idea to duplicate Lasik to thin the cornea even more. All the laser procedures have a 5 to 10% possibility of some little powers coming back and these powers can be treated with an ICL, like an irreversible contact lens, rather than duplicating Lasik to thin the cornea. Hope this answer is useful.

  3. Simon Duke

    Can Lasik be performed two times? Answer is yes you can perform lasik surgery two times.

    However the outcome of lasik surgery is permanent with the success rate is high. Around 98% of patients report being very delighted with the outcome and experience significantly improved eyesight for several years after surgery. For the staying 2% of people however, the surgery isn’t so successful and these patients in some cases need laser eye surgery a 2nd time. This is described as laser eye surgery improvement or laser eye surgery touch-up.

    Secondary surgery can be performed right after your preliminary surgery if the result is unacceptable, or later in life if there have actually been substantial changes to your vision gradually. In the 6 months following surgery, your eye doctor will perform check-ups on your eyesight often in order to monitor your recovery and choose if a secondary treatment is proper for you.

  4. Judie99

    Typically, a laser enhancement treatment can be performed after primary LASIK for fixing little specifications powers up to -1.0 D (which regenerated after main LASIK surgery).

    A second proper LASIK surgery is possible but not for everyone.

    The key element here is the residual corneal density after the first LASIK treatment. If your specifications power remedied during first LASIK surgery on was greater end (between -5.0 D to -8.0 D) then possibilities are that there isn’t adequate corneal density delegated duplicate the procedure.

    With a lot of advancements in the field of laser vision correction, today we have Contoura Vision surgery which can be the best alternative for your 2nd LASIK surgery as it gets rid of the least amount of corneal tissues as compared to any other LASIK procedure.

  5. Pasquale

    LASIK is a surgical procedure carried out with the help of different laser devices to remedy an individual’s eyesight. If you have actually just recently gotten a LASIK eye surgery done, or are thinking of requesting a surgical consult and get LASIK eye surgery, then you can quickly discover an ideal laser eye surgeon near you utilizing online search engine result. For the question at hand, LASIK improvement is the only LASIK surgery that can be carried out after having LASIK laser eye surgery. You can not get LASIK eye surgery performed on any of your eyes, once again. According to my surgeon Dr. Sanjay Chaudhary who is among the leading LASIK cosmetic surgeons in the nation, only corrective procedures can be performed or permitted.

  6. Rianna

    I’ve been for LASIK twice more than 10 years earlier. Completely ruined my vision. I could see all right for a couple of months however then my vision weakened greatly.

    Ends up the man who got the treatment authorized had a big stake in the production of these machines. Not sure how much has actually changed … I’m burning to get my vision repaired but discover it intensely hard to know which opthamologists I can trust and which not. Ophthalmology is such a bureaucracy, it appears competence hardly has anything to do with it.

    So I suppose a good rule of thumb is to take a look at their experience and the variety of patients dealt with by them, and overall failure rate. Pity these things aren’t formally tracked … makes you wonder what all these ophthalmological bodies truly do?!

  7. Silvia

    Yes, LASIK can be repeated however NOT for everyone.

    It entirely depends on your recurring corneal density after the first LASIK treatment. If you’re specs power fixed throughout first LASIK surgery on was higher end (between -5.0 D to -8.0 D) then possibilities are that, there isn’t enough corneal density left to repeat the procedure.

    My elder sibling got LASIK surgery performed in 2006. After 8 years, he got -2.0 D power. He constantly had this misconception that LASIK can not be duplicated.

    After I had Contoura Vision surgery, I took him for the pre-op tests and fortunately he was also found fit for Contoura Vision.

    He underwent Contoura Vision 14 months back and he keeps thanking me for recommending him Contoura Vision.

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