Contact Lenses Hurt My Eyes

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Contact lens discomfort is a symptom that something is incorrect, and you need to always take it seriously.

Eye pain from contact lens wear is particularly uneasy, since it may imply you are establishing a contact lens-related eye infection or other serious problem.

What I Can Do if Contact Lenses Hurt My Eyes?

If you develop sudden eye pain when wearing contact lenses or your contacts harm, follow these actions:

Step One: Remove And Clean The Contact Lens

If one of your contacts hurts, get rid of the irritating lens and wash it thoroughly with multipurpose contact lens solution. Likewise, wash your eye with sterile saline, and/or apply lubricating eye drops that are authorized for use with contact lenses. Then reinsert the contact lens.

If the contact feels completely comfortable, it’s most likely something such as an eyelash was caught under the lens and this was triggering the discomfort.


Contact Lenses Hurt My Eyes

However to be sure, eliminate the contact lens once again. If you have eye pain when the lens is eliminated, you may have a corneal abrasion or other eye problem that might need instant attention. If this is the case, avoid Step Two and continue right away to Step Three listed below.

If you have no eye discomfort after eliminating the contact lens, however the contact hurts after washing and reinserting it, proceed to Step Two.

Step Two: Inspect The Contact Lens

Sometimes, a contact lens deposit or a partly torn contact lens can cause abrupt eye discomfort.

If your eye still hurts after cleaning and reinserting the contact lens as described in Step One above, remove the lens once again and carefully examine it. If something appears followed the lens surface area or the lens is partially torn, discard it and change it with a brand-new one.

If the new lens feels completely comfortable, the discomfort most likely was due to the lens deposit or defect.

However if the new contact hurts, proceed to Step Three:

Step Three: Remove Your Contacts And Visit Your Eye Doctor

If your eye injures after removing the contact lens or after replacing it with a new one, eliminate both contacts, placed on your spectacles and instantly call your eye doctor to schedule an emergency eye examination.

It is possible you have a severe contact lens-related eye problem, such as a corneal abrasion, a fungal eye infection or perhaps a corneal ulcer. With any of these issues, your eye may also be delicate to light and watery.

Be sure to tell the doctor’s workplace that you are experiencing eye pain which you want to be viewed as quickly as possible.

If it turns out an eye infection or other severe issue is why your contacts harm your eyes, the quicker you are seen and receive medical treatment, the less risk you have of long-term vision loss.

Dr. D.Roberts / author of the article
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  1. Gerald Patel

    I just wish I might wear contacts once again. I’ve attempted quite a few however don’t remember all the names. Nobody has yet to discuss why my small DES/MGD, has made me contact lens intolerant after 25 years of contacts with no issues. Now, if I use contacts for about an hour, my eyes hurt for at least a week. It feels as if I was punched in the eyes a couple of times. You must rejoice if you can wear contacts even part time.

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