Are Contact Lenses Hard to Put in?

For the most parts, appropriately fitted contacts are not hard to put in. In truth, they are easy to use to and eliminate from the eye. It just takes a little practice. And perseverance.

Is It Hard to Wear Contacts?

The potential trouble in putting contacts on is a concern numerous parents have when their children reveal an interest in wearing contact lenses. However recent research reveals most kids do simply great when it pertains to handling and taking care of them, and they don’t appear to find contacts hard to put in.

Wearing contacts - is it so hard?

In one recent study, 169 children (84 kids ages 8 to 12 and 85 teens ages 13 to 17) were fitted with soft contact lenses for the very first time. A considerable majority of even the youngest children in the study mastered using, removing and managing their contact lenses. And 83 percent of the pre-teens and 89 percent of the teens stated the contacts were easy to take care of.

Their parents concurred. At the end of the research study, 86 percent of parents of the pre-teens and 89 percent of parents of the teens agreed with the statement, “My child is showing that he/she is responsible enough to use contact lenses and correctly look after them.”

Contacts Putting in Technique

Whether you are the parent of a child who desires contacts or an adult desiring to attempt contacts yourself, during an extensive eye test and contact lens fitting your optometrist will take a variety of measurements to pick the contact lenses that are best for you or your child.

During the fitting, your doctor will note the quantity of space in between your upper and lower eyelids when your eyes are open normally. Do not forget pay attention for contacts inside out placement.

If this space is limited (as it may be with people of Asian heritage or people with small or deep-set eyes), your doctor might pick a soft contact lens with a smaller-than-average diameter to make it easier for you to place and remove your contacts.

If you have difficulty handling soft contacts when aiming to put them on your eye, often it is because you are blinking prior to the lens touches your eye. Your eye doctor or optician performing the contact lens fitting might recommend this workout to assist you become more comfy touching your eyes, which will make using your contacts easier:

  1. After cleaning your hands thoroughly, look in the mirror, open your eye widely and try touching the white part of your eye with the soft pad of your fingertip without blinking.
  2. Use the same motion you will use to use your contacts, and keep your finger on your eye for a second or two before removing it.

It may take a little practice, but once you master this ability, placing on your contact lenses will go much easier.

If you still have difficulty putting on soft contacts, your eye doctor may suggest gas permeable contacts instead. Though using these rigid lenses takes some getting used to at first, they are much smaller in size than soft contacts, and many individuals discover they are easier to put in.

However whether you select soft contact lenses or rigid gas permeable (RGP or GP) contacts, do not give up quickly when first finding out how to use and remove your lenses. Even if you struggle at first, just set the lenses aside and attempt again a couple of minutes later on.

With each effective effort, putting in contacts becomes easier and much easier.

Reyus Mammadli (Eyexan Team Leader) / author of the article
Bachelor in biomedical and electrical apparatus and systems. For more than 20 years he has been studying methods to improve health using affordable and safe methods. Collaborates with eye care charity organization of the CCP. Specialization is a vision correction by laser surgery, including LASIK.
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