Does Lasik Hurt

LASIK eye surgery is a surgery carried out while you’re awake, much like a cavity filling. Among the most common concerns people ask is, “How does LASIK eye surgery feel?” The short answer is “A little awkward, however otherwise not like much.”

Does Lasik Eye Surgery Hurt

Among the most typical issues people have about LASIK (Laser-Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis) eye surgery is whether the procedure will hurt, however there’s no have to fret. Lasik is an extremely fast and simple procedure thanks to the sophisticated innovation we have today and our knowledgeable surgeons. You will have some minor discomfort in the days following the procedure. So, does lasik surgery hurt? Not, really.

Lasik Surgery and Pain
LASIK surgery is not painful at all. When making use of cutting-edge innovation with a knowledgeable surgeon, the procedure is quick and pain-free.

1) First steps of LASIK eye surgery

Before your LASIK eye surgery, your provider will administer eye drops. These feel like other eye drops, however they have a local anesthetic that numbs your eyes within a couple of minutes. When you blink, the numbing agent distributes throughout your eyes, much like windshield wiper fluid. The impact is that your eye ends up being numb, and you’ll feel no pain during the procedure.

2) Holding your eye open

When you lie down in the laser suite, the numbing eye drops will have taken effect, though your doctor may administer more. Your eyelids aren’t numb, so you might feel your doctor use an instrument to hold your eye open. This instrument looks like a speculum and can take a minute approximately to get used to. If you hold your eye open with two clean fingers, as if you’re putting in a contact lens, you can feel how your eyes adjust to decreased blinking. This is similar to how you’ll feel during LASIK eye surgery.

What to Expect During LASIK

There are two main parts to LASIK eye surgery: producing the flap and improving the cornea. To develop the flap, your doctor will use a suction device. Some patients explain a sensation of pressure or pain during this suction, which contributes to the “uncomfortable feeling” some patients describe. This is usually the least comfy part of the procedure. Patients do not observe any sensation during the excimer or improving part of the procedure. You will be asked to take a look at a light while the laser is dealing with, but there won’t be any experience of the treatment.

What to Expect After LASIK

Later, most medical professionals suggest you rest your eyes as frequently as possible for about a day. In the couple of hours right after surgery, it prevails to feel some burning, tearing or pain. Your eyes have actually begun the recovery process. Similar to how a scab itches when it’s recovery and how a cough develops when you’re cleaning out a head cold, there’s some inflammation during the first couple of hours of healing. This inflammation goes away as the eyes recover.

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