Can I Put Contacts in Water?

Last updated on April 17th, 2017 at 02:09 am

You need to never, ever keep your contacts in water. Despite being cleansed, faucet water can still contain bacteria and other microbes that can cause serious eye infections.

Can You Use Water for Contacts?

And water does not decontaminate your contact lenses. If you store your contacts in water, in a matter of minutes or hours, bacteria, fungis and other hazardous pathogens can grow on your lenses and after that get transferred to your eyes.

Can I Put Contacts in Water?

In reality, this is why eye care professionals suggest that you take your contact lenses out of your eyes when you go swimming, whether in a swimming pool, a lake or the ocean. The many microbes that live in the water can easily remain on your lenses and cause you problems later.

At the minimum, you need to use swim goggles to secure your lenses and eyes; or, if you use everyday disposable contacts, you could dispose of the pair you just swam in and change them with a new set.

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Keeping Contacts In Water Is Dangerous – And Uncomfortable

This is serious organisation. Contact lens-related eye infections triggered by failure to appropriately clean and decontaminate your lenses with an approved contact lens service can cause long-term eye damage and vision loss, even loss of sight.

Likewise, water — including mineral water and pure water — is not salty like your tears, and it is not buffered to match the level of acidity of your tears.

Due to the fact that of these distinctions, water can cause your contact lenses to alter shape and stay with your eyes when you use them, frequently triggering substantial discomfort and blurred vision.

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  1. Bradly Simpson

    I put them in water last night and they did sting this morning, however it wasn’t as bad as I believed it’d be. I guess I’ll head over to CVS and buy some option ASAP. I was thinking of oversleeping them, but I already did that last night cuz I lost consciousness, and the doctor said my eyes need to “breathe” more because there’s blood vessel development to the center of my eye. If it reaches the center I’m supposedly blind…

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