Can Wearing Glasses Improve Your Vision?

There are a lot of reasons that people do not always use their glasses. They might do not like the method they look, get teased or just feel more comfortable without them. Beyond convenience and visual appeals, though, some fear that wearing glasses too often will damage their eyesight, which they will significantly rely on them more often than when first worn.

Eyeglasses: Good for Your Vision or Not?

A research study from Nigeria published last year discovered 64% of students believed that wearing glasses can damage eyes. Research in the Indian state of Karnataka put the figure at 30%, and in Pakistan 69% of people feel the very same way. In Brazil, even medical staff thought that your eyes would slowly get weaker as an effect of wearing glasses. Is there any proof to recommend they are right?

Eyeglasses and vision correction

Does Wearing Glasses Improve Your Eyesight?

It is typically considered that wearing glasses will not bring back the native function of the eyes. Myopia is because of an unusual shape of the eyeball, which causes imperfect focusing of light rays on the posterior element of the eye. The abnormal shape of the eye is not enhanced with glasses, and is a common phenomena that happens as people age. Nevertheless, the condition will support in some people and development over time in others. Therefore, some people can go several years with the same glasses prescription, while others may require different optics every several years.

  • Wearing glasses corrects this flaw of focusing light rays, and this will improve your vision.

Nevertheless, the more one wears his/her glasses, the eyes adjust to the correction and therefore when the glasses are gotten rid of, the vision might appear more blurred than it has prior to making use of glasses.

If the glasses are gotten rid of for an enough period of time, the eyes and brain will adjust the vision close to its previous state. Using glasses while studying need to be done if it enhances your vision, and it will not spoil your eyes as the brain is capable of readjusting when the glasses are removed. When talking with your optometrist, it might be possible that a miscommunication happened, and I advise that you re-discuss using your glasses as your doctor understands your particular case and can provide you with the suitable details and continued care.

Question: If you were glasses for along time every day all the time will it assist your eyesight enhance. If you are subscribed with glasses and not use them will my vision be even worse than last time?

Answer: Glasses will NOT make your eyes much better or even worse.

All the glasses can do is help you see better when you have them on. If you do not seem like wearing them, then don’t … it won’t make any difference to your eyes.

Eyestrain is just a temporary discomfort and does not make your eyes worse either.

Reyus Mammadli (Eyexan Team Leader) / author of the article
Bachelor in biomedical and electrical apparatus and systems. For more than 20 years he has been studying methods to improve health using affordable and safe methods. Collaborates with eye care charity organization of the CCP. Specialization is a vision correction by laser surgery, including LASIK.
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