Can You Go Blind From Lasik

Realistically, the possibility of going blind from Laser Eye Surgery seriously depends from an expert surgeon using the best innovation is practically too little to determine – in the region of 1 in 5 million.

Can You Go Blind From Lasik Eye Surgery?

The answer to this question (in theory) is yes.

As specialist Laser Eye Surgeon Mr Glenn Carp explains in the short video below, there is an extremely small opportunity of going blind as a result of Laser Eye Surgery.

can you go blind from lasik

To totally get to grips with how small the possibilities actually are, here are 4 things that are statistically more likely to occur than going blind from Laser Eye Surgery.

  • Being hurt by a toilet – 1 in 10,000.
  • Being squashed by a meteor – 1 in 700,000.
  • Being struck by lightning – 1 in 2,300,000.
  • Passing away from scalding hot faucet water – 1 in 5,000,000.

Should You Be Seriously Worried to Go Blind from Lasik?

There have been cases from around the globe of people losing substantial vision after Laser Eye Surgery, nevertheless these are very unusual, and with today’s knowledge and cutting edge innovation, ever more unlikely to take place.

Even more to this, it would be highly not likely to show up in a situation where a patient lost all their vision. For this to happen, it would take a series of really regrettable events to occur in succession. This is practically unheard of – especially amongst leading Laser Eye Surgery centers which have lengthy screening and assessment procedures to assist avoid any unforeseen complications.

So, can you go blind from LASIK eye surgery? As you can see loosing your vision as a result of surgery is extremely rare indeed. And in video below expert describes how the risks associated with losing sight are exceptionally unlikely. The bottom line is only 1 in 5 million might lose sight in one eye.

What Other Lasik Surgeon Says About Blindness After the Lasik Procedure

The reality about blindness and laser is quite reassuring. There’s just one thing I know of that can make somebody go blind from laser: remarkable infection. About that, I see several people a week who either presently or recently have had an infection from their contact lenses. With LASIK, I’ve checked out them, and seen a couple that had an infection years prior to that’s now fixed with good vision. I’ve never caused one or seen an active one.

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Bachelor in biomedical and electrical apparatus and systems. For more than 20 years he has been studying methods to improve health using affordable and safe methods. Collaborates with eye care charity organization of the CCP. Specialization is a vision correction by laser surgery, including LASIK.
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