Coconut Oil for Eye Infection

Coconut oil can be quite effective to fight with an eye infection like pink eye. Pink eye is an eye infection likewise called conjunctivitis, and the condition might result from bacteria, a virus or fungus. Symptoms include redness, itching, scratchiness and tearing.

Some people might also have swollen eyelids and a thick discharge with the infection. Severe cases of pink eye may need medication to treat the condition and prevent recurrence. Nevertheless, when it comes to mild infections, some people may find that home remedies, such as coconut oil, aid ease symptoms.

How Does Coconut Oil Help Against Eye Infection?

Coconut oil includes lots of nutrients and chemical components that some people believe will not only boost your overall health, but likewise may improve conditions such as pink eye. Some people think coconut oil might boost your body immune system, and this could help battle your eye infection.

coconut oil for eye infection

You may discover numerous types of coconut oil for purchase, but ensure you use virgin or pure coconut oil and not hydrogenated coconut oil, an altered type of the oil. Processing of coconut oil might also lead to added chemicals, but coconut oils identified as “unrefined” ought to not carry any extra chemicals.

How to Apply Coconut Oil to Treat Pink Eye

Coconut oil users might dampen a cotton ball or soft fabric with the oil and hold this versus closed eyelids on the impacted eye. Another method to use coconut oil is to take a spoonful by mouth. Brian Shilhavy, a qualified dietary counselor of NaturoDoc states that a helpful dose of coconut oil is 3 to 4 tablespoon. each day.


If you have pink eye symptoms, you may find more relief in using a cool or warm compress against your closed eyelids. You can moisten a clean fabric with the temperature that feels best on your covers, but you ought to prevent using scalding warm water. You may choose to alternate both warm and cool cloths throughout the day. If you have swelling, a cool fabric may help in reducing the swelling, however if you have discharge or eye pain, a warm fabric may help ease these symptoms.


You should not use coconut oil or other supplements without first consulting with your doctor. If you have symptoms of pink eye, have your doctor examine your eyes. She may figure out that your symptoms need prescription medications to solve your symptoms and the infection. If your doctor suggests medication however you think coconut oil may offer some treatment advantages, discuss this with your doctor. She can assist you create a safe treatment plan that involves coconut oil.

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