Why Do Contacts Make Your Eyes Burn?

Last updated on June 6th, 2017 at 11:05 am

Tidy, properly fitted contact lenses need to be really comfy — to the point that you forget you are using them.

If your contact lenses cause an experience of burning eyes, something is wrong.

What Causes Contact Lense Burn Eye?

There are numerous possibilities, consisting of:

Eye allergic reactions. Eye allergies can make your eyes burn, specifically if you are using contact lenses. Typical eye irritants that cause allergic reactions — dust, pollen and pet dander — can build up on and under your contacts, causing irritation and pain. Eye allergies usually likewise cause redness, itchy and watery eyes.

Sensitivity to preservatives. It’s possible your eyes are burning since you are delicate to the preservative or other ingredients in your contact lens solutions. Even if you have used the same contact lens solution for months or even years, it’s possible to establish a postponed level of sensitivity response that can cause a burning feeling.


Why Do Contacts Make Your Eyes Burn?

Filthy contact lenses. Protein deposits and other debris build up on contact lenses in time, even if you correctly tidy and decontaminate your contacts. These build-ups reduce the oxygen permeability of your lenses, which can cause eye inflammation and a hot or burning experience.

Dry eyes. Burning and other contact lens discomfort may be triggered by dry eyes. Other symptoms of dry eyes consist of soreness, scratchiness or a sensation that something is “in” your eyes (called a foreign body sensation) and watery eyes. This last symptom may seem odd, however dryness often results in eye irritation that can cause the tear glands to produce extremely watery “reflex” tears that are not the like normal tears.

The only way to know for sure what is triggering your eyes to burn when wearing contacts is to visit your eye doctor or ophthalmologist for an eye examination.

The treatment your eye doctor recommends will depend upon the cause of your contact lens-related burning:

  • If the cause is allergic, she or he might suggest restricting where and for how long you use your contacts or switching to day-to-day disposable contacts.
  • If your eye burning is caused by level of sensitivity to your contact lens services, switching to a preservative-free contact lens care system should help.
  • If protein or other contact lens deposits are the cause, adding a different lens cleaner to your care programs or changing your contacts more often need to fix the issue.
  • If you have dry eyes, your doctor might advise utilizing lubricating eye drops, potentially combined with other dry eye treatments consisting of eye vitamins, to eliminate the burning feeling. He or she may also recommend changing to a brand name of contact lenses developed for individuals with dry eyes.

In many cases, a mix of some or all the above treatments may be the best service for enhancing your contact lens convenience and removing your symptom of burning eyes.

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  1. Scott Sykes

    I think in some cases the cause is the service and not the lenses. I had a really bad reaction to an option for delicate eyes. I do not remember the name or brand, however it might have been the re-new. I had extremely red eyes and burning. The service taken in into the lenses and I might not use them again. If I tried the eyes got red again and burned.

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