Light Sensitivity After Cataract Surgery

Is it normal to suffer from extreme photophobia right after cataract surgery procedure or even weeks, months or years later? How lond does it last and what you should do?

Yes, it is normal to be more sensitive to light after cataract surgery. Some of this will fade however the world will also seem brighter due to the fact that the cataract is no longer filtering light that enters the eye. This will allow you to see much better in dim lighting but will likewise make you more sensitive to daylight that may not have actually appeared brilliant before surgery. We will offer you with a set of sunglasses for your comfort. You might use these as needed, it is not needed for normal recovery.

Eyes Sensitive to Light

Extreme Light Sensitive Pain After Cataract Surgery

Question: Had cataract surgery on both eyes a few months back, believed I am fairly young for this procedure being 54, nevertheless sight was considerably decreased and understood I had to go forward with it. After the surgery and while I was on the steroid drops I had no problems, good vision, no pain … once they took me off the steroid drops however I established instantaneous light sensitivity pain, in some cases to the point I take several aspirin and go into a completely dark room and lie down due to the fact that the pain is so extreme, then after aspirin and rest, pain eventually goes away and I have the ability to endure light again. This comes and goes every couple days, mainly in my right eye, however sometimes in the left also. Is this normal? Was inspected a number of times by the doctor, stated I have no swelling, just said it’s “dry eyes”, nevertheless I have never ever in my life had an issue with dry eyes or any kind of eye pain up until after the surgery. Liquid tears does not help, the pain is unpredictable, but when it strikes me, it strikes hard, and I am not able to operate until taking painkillers and locking out all light for a couple hours. I am extremely active, own my own karate school, also bike and run … does this result it? Any input would be considerably appreciated!

Answer from specialist: I hope she has actually seen her eye doctor with these symptoms since with the method she describes it, she more than likely has recurring inflammation after the surgery (specifically since she describes it going away after she uses prednisone drops). When some one has inflammation 3 months after surgery, it is important to make sure she does not have a rare infection. It’s also essential to make sure that isn’t really a piece of maintained cataract in the eye. But a lot of frequently, we never discover a factor. Fortunately is we treat it with prednisone (sometime for months), and it will ultimately subside. It is extremely important, nevertheless, that the prednisolone be used as directed and that it be gradually tapered (and not unexpectedly stopped or used sporadically).
So, she must see either the dealing with eye doctor or a another eye doctor for a second viewpoint.

Photophobia After Cataract Surgery: You Are Not Alone

  • I had cataract operations 3 weeks apart and right away after, my eyes have been sensitive to light. My left eye is still delicate now 4 weeks after the operation. Is this a typical symptom and if so what can be done to alleviate the pain? The doctor recommends synthetic tear drops. The length of time does this symptom last?
  • I had cataract surgery on both eyes (a week apart). From the first my left eye was sensitive to light and nearly sometimes seemed like a floater or shadow when searching for and to the left. It’s been 6 weeks since this surgery and no difference. I’ve been back to my doctor twice and after taking a look at my eye with all type of instruments and taking picture she might not discover anything. I also have the light sensitivity outside and in stores with lots of lighting.
  • I had this procedure done couple of years earlier and have the very same grievances. I believe the extreme photosensitivity causes me to have headaches also, never ever had them before this operation. Synthetic tears don’t help either in my case. Being in a room with closed shutters nowadays is the only way to obtain relief nevertheless, my vision is excellent, do not require glasses to read. When I get up in the early morning I have to wear sun glasses so my eyes get used to the light slowly, take them off after about one hour. I do not blame my ophthalmologist for this, he is exceptional, perhaps it is the special IO Restore Lens for which I paid $2,695 per eye. Would be fascinating to hear if you had the exact same lens implant.
Reyus Mammadli (Eyexan Team Leader)/ author of the article
Bachelor in biomedical and electrical apparatus and systems. For more than 20 years he has been studying methods to improve health using affordable and safe methods. Collaborates with eye care charity organization of the CCP. Specialization is a vision correction by laser surgery, including LASIK.
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Comments: 4
  1. N

    I had cataract surgery on both eyes, February and March 2019. I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only person experiencing sensitivity to light; at times extreme. Especially in the morning. I’m wearing all types of sun blocking sun shades. Overall, the surgery was a success. I see much better w/o glasses. Thank you for your posts.

  2. Tamara

    Yes, I have severe pain periodically in my right eye also, not able to look at bright objects for hours. I have to wear an eye patch to reduce pain when the attack occurs. No, it’s not “dry eyes”, it’s from the cataract removal. The light entering the eye now after the cataract is removed, allows for massive amounts of brightness to enter the eye, overwhelming your nerves, creating pain and irritation to anything bright.
    Imagine looking at the sun through a cloud, not so bad, now look at the sun without the cloud in front, ouch painful brightness. Same thing with cataract removal.

  3. Helen Evans

    Multifocal lens implants January and March of 2019. Abbott Tecnis 1 Intraocular lenses.
    Extreme sensitivity to light, fluttering and skittering of vision occurs. Worse with direct and florescent lights. I have had several visits to MD who says everything looks normal.
    He thought I had reduced tearing and put in “plugs” a week and a half ago. My eyes tear all day long to the point my eyes have to be dabbed constantly. Tomorrow I am having them removed. The lenses were expensive and I am so sorry I got them thinking monovision lenses would have been better but not really sure.
    Has anyone else had this same problem. Is there a solution?

    1. Hhlthse

      I am having the same issues after cataract surgery with light sensitivity and pain in the morning and all I’m getting from doctors is your eyes are fine just dry. He is suppose to put in plugs to keep eyes moist but I do not want to have the same issues as Helen Evans in above post. At a loss any suggestions from anyone greatly appreciated.

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