Skin Tags on Eyelids

Last updated on December 16th, 2018 at 11:33 am

Skin tags on eyelids and around the eyes are simple to identify. Unfortunately, the placing can often make them hard to self-treat.

Are you searching for a way to remove skin tags safely from under and over the eye at home? Well, there is some good news. They’re easy to remove with the right over-the-counter treatment.

Skin tags are small, non-cancerous developments on the skin that usually appear as flesh-colored linked to the skin. While all skin tags need to be inspected by a doctor, there countless natural home remedies that can assist to get rid of skin tags once they have actually been identified as such. These remedies have actually not been authorized or evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, however, so discuss these treatments with your doctor before starting one.

What Causes Skin Tags on Your Eyelids

It is not clear exactly what causes skin tags on eyelids, however it may occur when clusters of collagen and blood vessels become caught inside thicker pieces of skin.

As they are more common in skin creases or folds, they might be generally triggered by skin rubbing against skin.

Some people appear to inherit an increased susceptibility to skin tags on eyelids.

Eyelid’s skin tags affect people both males and females, but they occur more often during pregnancy, in people who are obese, and in people with diabetes.

They have actually been related to hyperinsulinemia, when there is too much insulin circulating in the blood.

Skin tag on woman's eyelid
Image of skin tag on woman’s eyelid.
Skin tags on the eyelid, particularly those near the eyelid margin, might need to be removed by an eye doctor, or an ophthalmologist.

How to Remove Skin Tags on Eyelids

Lemon Essential Oil, Lime Essential oil and Avocado Oil

A mixture of lemon essential oil, lime essential oil and avocado oil can be used to assist eliminate skin tags on the body and eyelids. To make and use this mix, combine 1/2 tsp. lemon essential oil, 1/2 tsp. lime essential oil and 6 tsp. avocado oil in a small bottle and shake to integrate. With a clean cotton swab, gently use a very percentage of the mixture to the skin tag. Leave the mix on for 30 minutes before washing with cool water. This treatment can be used 3 times each day as long as it doesn’t cause any irritation or redness. Unused portions of the mixture can be kept in a cool, dark location for approximately one month.

Sodium bicarbonate, Rosemary Essential Oil, Castor Oil and Olive Oil

A mix of baking soda, rosemary essential oil, castor oil and olive oil can be used to help eliminate skin tags. To make this mixture, integrate 1/2 tsp. baking soda, 1 tsp. rosemary essential oil, 2 tablespoon. castor oil and 2 tablespoon. olive oil in a little bowl or container with a tight-fitting lid and stir vigorously to combine. Massage a percentage of the mix onto the skin tag and leave it on for 30 minutes, making certain to avoid getting the mixture in your eyes. Rinse the mix off and wash with a mild cleanser prior to using a moisturizer. This treatment can be used everyday as long as it doesn’t bother your skin, and unused portions will keep in the refrigerator for approximately five days if necessary.

Oregano Essential Oil, Basil Essential Oil and Sesame Oil

A mixture of oregano essential oil, basil essential oil and sesame oil can be used to help eliminate skin tags on the eyelids and facial area. To make this mixture, combine 1 tsp. oregano essential oil, 1/2 tsp. essential oil and 8 tsp. sesame oil in a small container and shake or stir to combine. With a clean cotton ball or pad, carefully dab a percentage of the liquid onto the skin. Leave it on for 30 minutes prior to rinsing with clean water and patting the skin dry before applying your regular moisturizer. This treatment can be used as soon as each day as long as it does not irritate your skin. Unused portions can be kept in a cool, dark and dry location for one month.

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  1. Nathan

    Thank you very much for the article and a detailed description of how to deal with such a problem of rash on the eyelids. I used oregano essential oil, basil essential oil to remove traces of skin helped me after a month of such application and wiping, I saw the result. Of course, there are more serious problems, and I read on the forums that surgical intervention is required, but this can be personalized, but you can live with it.

    1. Cody

      I tried many methods, but unfortunately nothing helped me. And the doctors turned and various lotion wiping. Of course, it does not bother me to live, I just feel discomfort. Girls pay attention to this of course I would like to get rid of these tags. But it’s better than surgery.

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