What is the scariest part of LASIK?

The decision to undergo LASIK eye surgery can be intimidating, primarily due to the fears and apprehensions about potential complications. The scariest part of LASIK is typically the following aspects:

  • Procedure Anxiety: Many patients fear the process itself, which involves the application of a laser to the eye’s cornea. Even though it’s a precise technique performed by professional eye surgeons, this invasive procedure can elicit nervousness. 
  • Potential Complications: There’s also the risk of complications post-surgery, including dry eyes, double vision, or loss of vision. While these risks are rare, their potential existence can elicit fear. 
  • Long-term Vision Concerns:  Although LASIK offers the benefit of improved vision, the long-term effects of the surgery are not completely known. This uncertainty may be daunting to potential patients. 
  • Fear of Pain: Even though the procedure is largely pain-free, there’s a common misconception that it could be painful. This, combined with the natural human wariness of having anything brought towards the eye, tends to create fear.

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