Ophthalmologist and Eye Diseases

An ophthalmologist (eye doctor) is a doctor who specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of eye disease. It is difficult to overestimate the severity of vision problems - a large part of the surrounding world ceases to exist for a person. Treating and preventing private and total loss of vision is what an ophthalmologist does.

Subsections of ophthalmology

Pediatric ophthalmology is a subsection of ophthalmology that investigates the characteristics of children's vision. A child's vision, unlike that of an adult, is constantly changing. Pediatric ophthalmology is designed to study the peculiarities of these changes and related pathologies.

What organs do ophthalmologists treat

  • The eyeball;
  • eyelids;
  • lacrimal organs;
  • conjunctiva;
  • orbit.

What diseases are treated by an ophthalmologist

  • nearsightedness is a visual defect in which the image is focused in front of the retina and the person cannot see distant objects clearly;
  • farsightedness is a visual defect in which the image is focused behind the retina and a person cannot see objects clearly at close range;
  • conjunctivitis - inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eye (conjunctiva);
  • cataract - clouding of the lens of the eye;
  • glaucoma - increased eye pressure that causes visual impairment;
  • astigmatism - a disturbance in the shape of the lens or cornea.

What else does an ophthalmologist treat?

A large part of what an ophthalmologist treats are vision abnormalities that are triggered by other diseases or critical situations for the body. Visual impairment can be caused by:

  • hypertension;
  • abnormal pregnancy;
  • severe childbirth;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • renal pathologies;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • traumatic eye injuries.

How is the examination by an ophthalmologist?

At the initial reception, the ophthalmologist:

  • Gathers anamnesis (medical history), asks the patient about possible complaints.
  • Conducts examination and palpation (palpation) of the eyes, examination of the eyes with a biomicroscope (slit lamp).
  • Depending on complaints and examination results, the doctor may prescribe additional tests: ophthalmoscopy (visual examination of the eye fundus), tonometry (measuring intraocular pressure), and biomicroscopy (examination of the eye under multiple magnification).
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