Is Crossing Your Eyes Bad for You?

It is actually a pretty typical myth that crossing your eyes excessive or for too long will make them get stuck that way. Crossing your eyes does look extremely similar to strabismus which is a real medical disorder where the eyes are crossed and it does have to be dealt with. Strabismus is not voluntary, compared with what you are speaking about, which is voluntary.

Can You Get Your Eyes Stuck if You Cross Them?

Lot of times throughout the day, you will cross your eyes on function, but won’t in fact consider it as crossing your eyes. Crossing your eyes is the natural reaction to looking at something extremely near your face. We need to angle our eyes so we can see items clearly at a close quarters. This is basically the same exact movement you would make when crossing your eyes. Our eyes are developed to be able to go up, down, left, and right, and, while it may not appear like the most natural eye motion, crossing your eyes voluntarily is not bad for you, it’s totally normal.

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Can crossing your eyes make them stay that way?

There is a potential for temporary disorientation, pain, or possible blurring if you cross your eyes for too long, however it would only last a short quantity of time. This is since you would be putting more strain on the muscles in your eyes, in this case it would mainly be your median rectus muscles. All you need to recuperate from this is to simply rest your eye muscles, just as you would after an exercise.

Can crossing your eyes make them stay that way?
Contrary to the old saying, eyes will not remain that method if you cross them. If your child is crossing one eye continuously, set up an assessment by an ophthalmologist.

Can you get your eyes stuck if you cross them?
You might understand that crossing your eyes a lot of times won’t get them stuck that way, but you may think that reading in a dimly lit space will put you on the path to early nearsightedness. So, keep your eyes on your brightly lit display – it won’t do more than possibly some temporary eyestrain.

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