Digital Retina Exam Without Dilation

The Optomap is not always better than dilation. The optomap® Retinal Exam is a great tool to use in addition to dilation or when a patient cannot, or does not wish to be dilated.

A new digital retinal imaging device called Optomap by Optos, Inc. provides a more comprehensive view of one’s retina or the back of the eye. According to Optomap, engineer Douglas Anderson “set out to develop a patient-friendly retinal imaging item that encompassed a digital widefield picture of the retina quickly” twenty years earlier when his then 5 years of age son had permanent vision loss from an undetected retinal detachment.

A retinal eye test provides more info relating to the “within” of the body than other non-invasive exam. This test, dilated or undilated, can spot more than simply eye conditions, such as macular degeneration, it can also detect hypertension, stroke risk, heart disease, diabetes, ocular melanomas, and glaucoma. That’s due to the fact that the retinal exam permits the eye expert to see eye capillary, arteries and veins in addition to nerves. The condition of the eye vessels and nerves merely shows what is going on in other parts of the body. The 3 main benefits of the Optomap are benefit, a broader field of vision and the capability to conserve scans for future contrast.

Convenient and Comfortable

The scan takes just a 2nd using a low-intensity scanning laser without any spotted side effects after 39 million images. Just check out the device, one eye at a time. A flash of light signals that the image has actually been taken. You can see the images of your retina right away and go over any areas of concern that may be detected. That’s what Douglas Anderson was going for – a test that’s convenient, comfortable and reliable.

Wide View

The scenic image supplies an unique ultra-widefield view of the retina – in truth more than 80% of your retina can be viewed in a single image compared with just 15% in a common dilated retinal test. If a closer, more magnified view is needed a dilated eye test may still be necessary.

Saved Scan for Future Comparisons

Unlike dilated eye exams, this imaging device saves the scans for future comparisons. The image of your retina can be compared with last year’s image for any subtle or apparent changes.

Did you know that early signs of retinal disease can be identified by your eyecare expert prior to you see any changes in your vision?

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