Where to Donate Used Eyeglasses

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Wondering what to do with your used glasses frames? Do not throw them away! Donating spectacles frames is a simple method to assist people who can’t function usually due to the fact that they cannot see well.

Where Can You Donate Old Glasses?

The majority of world blindness is unnecessary. Almost 700 million people have avoidable blindness or impaired vision that might quickly be assisted with an eye exam and a pair of glasses. Instead, they have to cope with functional loss of sight — the inability to see well enough to do standard everyday jobs, such as reading, composing, cooking and earning money.


Where to Donate Used Eyeglasses

Contributing Eyeglasses to Grass-Roots Organizations

Each year Dr. Scot Morris goes with his family to Juarez, Mexico on a mission journey. Usually they assist bad families there by building houses, however this year they’re taking the work a step even more.

Dr. Morris, an optometrist who practices in Conifer, Colorado, discovered that since of the bad criminal offense circumstance in Juarez, the local healthcare service providers had actually left town a number of years back. Although Juarez is more secure now, no vision care is offered. And many individuals who require glasses simply have to do without.

So Dr. Morris is beginning an eye care clinic and optical lab there to offer vision care, eyeglasses and jobs to the community.

You can assist Dr. Morris by sending out old glasses (in decent shape) that he can take with him on his trips there (his next journey will be in November). Please send the eyewear to: Dr. Scot Morris, 13225 S. Resort Drive, Conifer, CO 80433.

You can likewise send out financial donations to assist him open the clinic for next year and train regional individuals to run it. Monetary contribution checks must be made out to Cherry Hills Community Church, 3900 Grace Blvd., Highlands Ranch, CO 80126. The tax ID number is 98-04232-0000, and the church’s non-profit status is 501(c)3.

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Contributing Eyeglass Frames Through Lions Clubs International

Lions Clubs International volunteers collect old spectacles, checking out glasses and sunglasses. They tidy and repair the used eyeglasses, which is then dispersed to individuals who cannot afford to purchase their own.

They accept both prescription and non-prescription eyeglasses, in both adults’ and children’s sizes.

Donating glasses is easy. All you need to do is to take your old sets to a Lions Club glasses contribution bin in your town, or mail them to the Lions Clubs International head office.

Contributing Eyeglasses Through New Eyes

New Eyes gathers old glasses and disperses them to clingy people in developing nations worldwide. All you need to do is mail your eyewear to their workplaces — make sure to read the recycling details on their website and following their shipping guidelines.

New Eyes also takes hearing aids, watches, jewelry, flatware and giftware. And you or your organization or service can even sponsor a collection drive.

In addition to helping people in establishing nations, New Eyes also collects donations to acquire new spectacles for poor children and grownups in the United States.

Make a distinction. Donate today.

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  1. Ernest North

    Lenscrafters has drop off boxes and they take a trip to 3rd world countries with them fixed to offer them to others who are more needee of them.

  2. Samuel

    I agree that glasses have brought oroming contribution and development to the society of visually impaired people. Since people could become more independent from other people, or relatives. Honestly, this is the first time I read that there are organizations that collect glasses and make a big contribution to helping the visually impaired. Maybe I just never came across this. Rather, this is my ignorance for the better since there is no such problem. Although I do not blame and with kindness I treat people who do not see and are always ready to help than I can.

  3. Rebecca

    Yes, a lot of people wear glasses and their eyesight changes with time, and you need to update them. Of course, many people cannot buy expensive eyepieces that will help improve their vision. It’s good that there are organizations that will help those in need with such problems. The main thing is that donations go as intended.

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