Goopy Eyes in Children

Your child may have drain from the eyes that causes matter to build up in the corners or along the eyelashes. She might have other symptoms also such as pain, eye redness or eyelid swelling. Parents of kids who can not verbalize their symptoms have to expect signs such as goopy eyes or eye rubbing to spot warning signs of an eye problem. Knowing possible causes will help you figure out how to help your child when to seek treatment.

Why My Child Has Goopy Eyes?

An eye infection such as pink eye typically causes eye drain. An infection might come from a bacteria or other pathogen such as an infection or fungus. Viral conjunctivitis generally takes place when your child has a cold. An allergy to pollen or animal dander may also cause drain. Infants and children might have an obstructed tear duct, and this can cause a thick drainage, frequently happening from an infection in the blocked duct.

Goopy Eyes in Children

Treatment for Goopy Eyes in Children

A viral infection such as that caused by the typical cold infection does not generally require treatment. The infection and resulting symptoms will clear within a few days or as the infection resolves. If your child experiences severe pain or if her eyes swell shut she might require medicated eye drops to help ease the symptoms. Other infections might need antibiotics or antifungal medication. To clear an obstructed tear duct in a young child you might have to massage the area of the clog. If your child’s pediatrician advises this, he will show you where and how to massage the duct. If the duct cannot clear, the doctor may need to perform a surgery to clear the obstruction and avoid infections and associated symptoms.


Eye drain will dissipate as the condition triggering goopy eyes resolves. In the meantime, nevertheless, you may have to clear away the matter in your child’s eyes. Overnight, while your child sleeps, the discharge often will dry and clump on the eyelashes; the dried goop might likewise “glue” your child’s eyes shut. To clear the dried matter, moisten a tidy washcloth with warm water and hold it versus your child’s eyes till the discharge loosens up. Carefully clean it away with the washcloth. You might need to gently wipe your child’s eyes throughout the day with a clean, warm, moistened cloth to assist clear the goop from her eyes.

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Factors to consider

If your child has eye drain and other symptoms of an eye problem, get in touch with a pediatrician. He will identify the cause for the condition and any necessary treatment. You must not use over-the-counter medications to treat your child’s symptoms without first consulting the doctor.

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  1. Ashley Fowler

    My child has obstructed tear ducts and the thing that actually assists her is coming in the shower with me. We take a shower in the morning and all of the goo simply drains pipes out and doesn’t actually come back up until the late afternoon. If I skip the shower, her eye is goopy all the time even if I clean it in the morning. Also, I second the tear duct massage. When she was younger, both sides were obstructed, now, just her left one is.

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