Light Flashes in Corner of Eye

The retina, which lines the within, back part of the eye, reacts to light getting in the eye. Changes in the retina might cause flashes of light in any area of vision, often in your side vision. Some causes stem from vision-threatening conditions while others do not have lasting results on the eyes. See your doctor for a precise diagnosis if you have flashes in the outer corner of your eye.

What Causes Flashes in the Corner of the Eye?

Vitreous Detachment

The back chamber of your eye consists of a jelly-like substance called vitreous fluid that assists maintain the eye’s shape. Little fibers secure the vitreous to the retina, and with age, the vitreous may shrink and retreat from the retina. These vitreous detachments do not normally cause a danger to vision or eye health, however might lead to flashes of light in the vision — generally in the external corner. For lots of people, these flashes will reduce, with no additional problems. Sometimes, nevertheless, the vitreous pulling away might tear a hole in the retina, typically resulting in vision changes and lots of new floaters. Retinal tears might need surgery to avoid damage to vision.

Light Flashes in Corner of Eye

Separated Retina

If the retina separates from the back of the eye, a person may experience flashes of light, either in the corners of the eye or other areas in the side vision. Other symptoms consist of a number of new black spots in vision, as well as a dark veil-like drape that will shut out an area of the side vision. These symptoms frequently appear suddenly, however they do not cause pain.

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Retinal detachments require immediate assessment and treatment. If left neglected, the individual will have irreversible vision loss. Retinal detachments are repaired surgically, utilizing various methods based upon the extent of the retinal detachment. The majority of people who seek instant treatment after a detachment will not have long-term vision damage.

Ocular Migraine

Ocular migraines, likewise called visual migraines, might cause flashes of light in the side vision. This will usually happen in both eyes. In some individuals, this might look like a precursor to a painful headache migraine while other individuals may experience the lights with no pain.

Ocular migraines do not typically cause changes in total vision, aside from the flashing or shimmering lights in the side vision. The flashes might last only a few minutes, then vanish without additional symptoms. Ocular migraines do not indicate medical conditions or cause damage to the eye.

What does it mean if you see flashes of light?

I am an entirely healthy person in my early 20s, and maybe a month ago I began seeing flashes of light. They’re only very faint and I can just see them if it’s dark and I look rapidly side to side. Is this a problem? Should I see a doctor?


Seeing flashes of light that are not there ought to constantly prompt you to see a doctor since they can be a sign of a serious eye problem. The best type of physician for you to see about this is an eye doctor.

Seeing flashes of light when you look rapidly in one direction can triggered by a phenomenon called retinal detachment. This is where the back part of your eye ends up being removed from the remainder of the eye. It is uncommon, however does threaten site in the eye effected. It also normally occurs after injury and thus, if you have actually recently struck your head doing something, then this is possible. Other possible causes of flashing lights are migraine headaches. This phenomenon of migraines typically don’t happen without the headache portion of it, however migraines are more typical than retinal detachment.

Due to the fact that the sign of flashing lights is a possible sign of retinal detachment, I suggest that you schedule a visit with an eye doctor. The factor for this recommendation is that eye doctor’s have special equipment in the workplace which can find subtle abnormalities in your retina that other physicians would not have the ability to see. More than likely, your problem will end up being benign, however you should get checked out.

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  1. Richard Brown

    I am having the same exact symptoms. I am a 25 year old female and started having bright flashing lights in my prarifial vision; I likewise see a great deal of floaters. My vision is horrible and I let it go on for a month before I went to the medical professionals and she carried out the exact same tests (dialating my eyes and examining them for what felt like permanently) she likewise informed me my eyes were completely healthy and to only return if there is a drastic modification in my vision. I kinda stressed like you are doing now however the chances of your retina actually detaching is so low that I just brushed the whole situation off. I wouldn’t stress over it, I still see the flashing lights and it’s now started in my other eye however I fell its simply a curse that chooses having such bad eye sight.

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