Natural Ways to Reduce Eye Pressure

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High eye pressure increases your risk of developing glaucoma and a number of other visual field defects, specifies the University of Illinois Eye and Eye Infirmary. Nevertheless, not everyone with high eye pressure establishes glaucoma. There are natural ways to assist decrease eye pressure. You need to follow all techniques in a persistent and consistent manner in order to enjoy the best results.

Natural Ways to Help Reduce Eye Pressure

Keep Hydrated

Remaining hydrated can assist. Drinking small amounts of water throughout the day will help to lower your eye pressure, specifies the Mayo Clinic. Do not drink a large amount of liquid at one time, however. Consuming a quart or more of fluid during one sitting can cause your eye pressure in fact increasing. If you are 150 pounds or under, drink a minimum of 64ozs of water throughout the day. This relates to five cups of water, states For each 20 pounds over 150, drink an extra cup.


Natural Ways to Reduce Eye Pressure

Lower Your Stress Level

As your overall blood pressure increases, so does your eye pressure. Keeping your high blood pressure at a safe level will be an essential natural way to reduce your eye pressure. Extending throughout the day will help you decrease your stress level. Start doing breathing exercises to lower your stress level. Sit upright in a peaceful location. Take in and out while concentrating on your abdominal area. See your abdomen broaden and contract as you inhale and exhale. Do this for 5 minutes. Attain to reach a daily objective of doing 15 minutes of breathing exercises. Meditation, yoga, massage, warm baths, family pet therapy, music, mind imagery, and biofeedback can also supply stress relief. Consuming a healthy diet will lower your eye pressure by maintaining your basic health.

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Lower Your Caffeine Consumption

Lower the quantity of caffeine you consume. Drinking caffeinated coffee can raise your eye pressure, inning accordance with the University of Illinois Eye and Eye Infirmary. The level of your eye pressure increase relies on the quantity of caffeine you consume. Green tea includes lower caffeine quantities than does caffeinated coffee. Start drinking more tea: it’s likewise abundant in eye-healthy anti-oxidants called flavonoids.


Getting your exercise might be a natural way to help lower eye pressure. An isokinetic exercise, such as riding a stationary bicycle at a regulated rate of speed, has shown remarkable results in lowering intraocular pressure. Aerobic exercise lowers intraocular pressure and might also improve blood flow to your retina and optic nerve, inning accordance with the University of Illinois Eye and Eye Infirmary on Working out on a regular basis will assist reduce your high blood pressure, specifies the American Heart Association. Start getting 30 minutes of moderately-brisk exercise on a minimum of five days of the week for best outcomes. The type of eye pressure you experience will determine how effective exercise will or will not be. If you have open-angled glaucoma, for instance, workout will help reduce your eye pressure. In all cases, do refrain from doing head-down yoga positions or stretches. These postures are understood to increase eye pressure. Prevent isometric exercises, otherwise called muscle contractions, considering that these also raise eye pressure.

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  1. Milton Moran

    During routine eye checks in my 40s, I became signaled to the fact that I had high eye pressure (with 10-20 mmHg thought about a healthy reading, mine were regularly 28 mmHg in the left eye and 29 mmHg in the right).

    However, I wanted to avoid using eyedrops. The health center kept threatening me with them however, as no eye damage had yet taken place, I had a temporary ‘stay of execution’.

    I began using Coleus forskohlii. The particular brand I used was standardised CF, including 18 percent forskolin, or 9 mg per pill. I have been taking one pill two times a day for 9 months, with a three-week break after 6 months.

    6 months later on, in January, after being on the herb for nine months, my readings dropped to 16 mmHg in the left eye and 20 mmHg in the right. The specialist kept re-taking the readings as she might not believe that I had achieved this level of enhancement without being on their drops.

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