Why Does My Eye Change Color?

It’s not an uncommon thing to have questioned prior to if your eyes can changing color. Eventually or another, we’ve all wanted to have different eyes simply to see what they’d appear like. And as insane as it may sound, eyes can definitely change color! How does this take place? Let’s start with the essentials.

First of all, the iris is a muscle in the eye that gives it its color. With light, the iris can either expand or contract in order to control pupil size. The pupil diminishes when exposed to bright light, whereas it grows in dimmer lighting. When the pupil modifications size, the pigments in the iris either compress or spread apart, which causes a minor change in perceived eye color.

Nevertheless, light is not the only reason your eyes can change color. There are other elements than can make your eyes lighter or darker.

my eye change color
Main causes why your eyes may change color.


Babies are generally born with light blue or gray eyes, yet as they grow, their eyes often get darker. This is since eye color is identified by your genes and the melanin level on your body. As you mature, the melanin level increases around your pupil, making the eye darker. Nevertheless, 10-15% of Caucasian eyes change to a lighter color as they age, as pigment in the iris modifications or breaks down.

Exposure to the Sun

Melanin production can be triggered through solar direct exposure, suggesting that a prolonged time direct exposure to the sun might make your eyes darker.


Some emotions can change the size of your pupil and the iris color. When you more than happy, mad, or sad, your body launches a hormone that makes your pupil size modification. When you’re delighted or mad, your eyes normally become more lively, while when you cry, your eyes get a reddish color, making your eyes appear brighter.

Clothes and Makeup

Darker clothes along with some color makeup on your eyelids, or white eyeliner, are all things that can make your eyes look more vibrant and brighter. This is simply a matter of perception, not truth, however your eyes will absolutely pop a bit more than typical!


They state you are what you eat, and for the eyes this is completely true! The type of diet you keep will influence your eye color. Here are some of the foods that change your eye color if consumed frequently:

  • Spinach: It’s richness in iron will make your eyes look more youthful and shine brighter!
  • Organic honey: Regular intake of honey could make your eye shade lighter and brighter.
  • Fish: Consuming fish can increase your eye color strength and depending upon the intake, this changes might be irreversible.
  • Olive oil: Many people believe that including olive oil to your diet might change the shade of your eyes.
  • Onions: Regular intake of onion has actually shown gradual modifications in eye and skin color.
  • Nuts: Add different nuts to your diet and your eyes might gradually get a lighter color.

* Note: Roasted nuts won’t impact your eyes given that their nutrients (what may change your eye color) have currently been ruined by exposing them to heats.

  • Chamomile & Uva Ursi tea: eyes unwind and pupil size changes, making the eye appear a different color (normally a warmer shade).

Wellness and Health Condition

Your eye color can also change to a yellow-colored or greenish shade when you are weak or if you have an eye disease such as:

  • Horner’s Syndrome: A problem with the third cranial nerve. This disease might make the affected eye(s) change to a lighter color.
  • Fuch’s Heterochromic Uveitis: A chronic moderate inflammation of the front section of the eye.
  • Pigmentary Glaucoma: In this type of glaucoma, the pigment on the back of the iris is disrupted and the loose pigment granules gather on the back of the cornea. This loose pigment might likewise gather on the front of the iris, changing the color. Medication for glaucoma could also impact the color of the eyes.

There are lots of reasons that your eyes may a minimum of appear to change color. In specific cases, like eye disease and changes in your diet, your eye color might genuinely change. However, lot of times it is just a matter of point of view and aspects that can reflect into your eyes, tricking the mind of those taking a look at you into thinking your eyes just became a different shade. Either way, it simply goes to demonstrate how amazing eyes are!

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