What Is the Worst Vision LASIK Can Correct?

Numerous eye care patients think that they are not candidates for LASIK because they have high prescriptions. In the past, this was a genuine problem – LASIK in its early years was not well equipped to assist those with significantly restricted vision. Nevertheless, as technology has actually improved, this restriction has been overcome. With modern-day treatments, surgeons have the ability to remedy prescriptions as high as -12.00. This makes almost everybody a prospect for LASIK, even those with very high prescriptions.

LASIK Restrictions

There are some conditions that may restrict patients from being candidates for LASIK, however these are rare and can be found by the doctor during a pre-LASIK exam. Patients who were told that they might not undergo LASIK in the past are often excellent prospects now. The only way to understand if you are a candidate for LASIK is to get a totally free assessment and talk about any pre-existing eye conditions with an eye care professional.

best candidates for LASIK
If an individual has a healthy cornea of normal thickness, he or she can have a diopter (the system used to measure correction) of as much as -9 or -10 and still have actually LASIK done.


Eye Surgery for Bad Vision

In reality, patients with severe vision issues are often the best candidates for LASIK. For some conditions, especially astigmatism, LASIK can in fact fix the issue much better than any contacts or glasses. Patients with severe astigmatism will usually have much better vision after LASIK than they did with corrective lenses before their procedures.

In addition, the inconveniences of bad vision are the worst for those with high prescriptions, so the enhancement of LASIK is even higher. These patients typically have to use special glasses or contacts. Not all models of glasses, especially prescription sunglasses, are available for the greatest prescriptions. While a person with moderate vision might be able to navigate without their glasses sometimes, the high-prescription patient is incredibly dependent on corrective lenses. For this kind of patient, the LASIK procedure is incredibly releasing and empowering.

If you have a high prescription, you may still be a prospect for LASIK. Even if you’ve been informed before that your prescription was too expensive, come in for a free consultation. With the current innovation, you are most likely a fantastic prospect!

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