Best OTC Eye Drops for Pink Eye

If you have pink eye, then of course you want to buy the best OTC eye drops that will quickly and safely rid you of this disease.

Top 3 Over-the-Counter Pink Eye Drops

Best OTC Eye Drops for Pink Eye

Pink eye Meaning

Pink eye (conjunctivitis) is an inflammatory process in the mucous membrane of the sclera and eyelids. The nature of the disease may be different, but for the treatment mainly eye drops with different active ingredients are used. Consider the best pink eye drops for children and adults.

Symptoms and causes of pink eye

When particles of allergens, viruses, bacteria get into the eye, inflammation occurs, which is characterized by the following symptoms:

Conjunctivitis may be:

  • Viral. This type is characterized by severe redness of the sclera, itching. The eyes become watery, swollen.
  • Bacterial. With bacterial origin, the whites of the eyes turn red, there is a purulent discharge. After a night’s sleep, the eyelids often stick together.
  • Allergic. In allergic origin, pus is not excreted, redness and itching are observed. Added to these symptoms are nasal congestion, sneezing, photosensitivity, and swelling. Allergic conjunctivitis always affects both eyes, while the other types can affect only one.

Only an ophthalmologist should determine the origin of the disease and prescribe treatment. Otherwise, medication will not help, and complications may arise.

Pink Eye
Pink Eye

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Types of OTC eye drops for pink eye

There are four groups of OTC eye drops for pink eye:

  • Antibacterial. The main active ingredient in them is an antibiotic that kills bacteria. But some microorganisms can be insensitive to certain groups of antibiotics, so the drops have to be replaced with other eye drops during treatment.
  • Antiviral. The composition of the drugs necessarily contains a substance that has a detrimental effect on viruses: interferon and its derivatives, as well as other components.
  • Anti-allergic. The composition includes antihistamines, which eliminate the unpleasant symptoms caused by allergens.
  • Complex. This group of OTC eye drops contains several active substances at once, which eliminate pink eye having a different nature of origin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

❓ How do I treat conjunctivitis in an adult, are drops the best choice?
✅ The choice of therapy depends on the cause of the disease: viruses, bacteria, allergic reactions.

❓ What medications can be dripped for viral conjunctivitis?
✅ OTC eye drops with interferon and other antiviral substances in their composition.

❓ What do I put in my eyes when I have bacterial conjunctivitis?
✅ Eye drops that contain antibiotics. If the drug is not suitable, it is replaced by a drug with another active ingredient in its composition.

❓ Can I choose my own eye drops?
✅ No, because you cannot determine by yourself the nature of the origin and the disease and prescribe the correct treatment.

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